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Since 2000, we have been a leader in producing innovative lighting solutions, inspiring designers worldwide.

Our vision extends beyond ordinary space illumination – we aim to create experiences that enhance quality of life and preserve our planet for future generations.

Our lighting solutions are simple yet eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Each project represents a quest for excellence, focusing on innovation and ensuring exceptional comfort in everyday use.

Join us in discovering new possibilities of light and design together.

01 Meet the Team

Experts in design

In our team, design, production, and sales experts combine deep industry knowledge with a passion for creating unique lighting solutions. Striving for excellence, we surpass industry standards at every stage of the process.

With us, you'll discover new possibilities of light and inspiration.

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02 Prioritizing Clients

Client-Centric Approach

In our mission, the paramount focus is on continuously adapting to your unique requirements. We collaborate with architects, lighting designers, and planners worldwide to transform your visions into reality. By expanding conventional norms, we experiment and introduce innovative ideas, resulting in impressive architectural projects and high-quality lighting solutions.

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Sustainable Development

Caring for People and the Planet

We care deeply about both people and the planet because we believe sustainable development is key to the future. Our products are designed with an environmentally friendly approach, with a particular emphasis on human aspects. We responsibly manage natural and human resources to ensure lasting abundance and harmony.

Since 2000, we have been a leader in producing innovative lighting solutions.
Our main office in Warsaw has officially commenced operations.
Cutting-Edge Facility
New manufacture marks a new stage in our expansion.
Global Growth
We have extended our presence to over 40 countries.
Production Enhancement
Our production capabilities have been enhanced with the latest technology.
Acoustics and Lighting
Evolution of light and sound: optimized processes, limitless creativity.
Illuminating Lives
We proudly introduce our Professional Medical Lighting solutions.
Industrial Lighting
Our goal: leadership in innovative industrial lighting solutions.



Light with character - Your style, our innovations


Light adaptability - Always in step with your needs


Light that cares for our planet - Modern innovations, bright future


Lighting solutions - Reliability every day, guaranteed quality

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