Personalized Light
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We are creating unique lighting solutions inspired by nature.

Spectra Lighting is your partner in creating lighting which perfectly harmonizes with the natural beauty of the surrounding world.

From your original idea to the final installation, our team of experts is committed to designing the lighting that is as unique as the world around us.

Innovative and Creative Light


Transforming spaces with impressive lighting rings, Spectra Lighting's custom solutions added subtlety and functionality to the 2N-Everpol headquarters near Warsaw, illuminating architectural visions with innovative design and attention to sustainability aspects.


Baniocha, Poland

Architect: Wanik Staruń Architekci

Phot. Nate Cook

Mastery in Shop Lighting
_Swing Oval

Our services are including comprehensive support, innovative personalization, careful attention to details and precision at the every stage of the process.

Thanks to the rich experience gained in numerous projects around the world, we can perfectly capable to implement even the most demanding design criteria.

We create bespoke lighting, ensuring that you are benefit from lighting which integrates perfectly with your surroundings.

Illuminating A Sustainable Future: Supporting LPP's Vision


Cooperation with LPP is a great pleasure for us. Our unique lighting solutions support their sustainable vision of retail stores, integrating perfectly with the company's omnichannel strategy and proactive approach.

Together we light the way to a brighter future.


Investor: LPP 

Architect: Studio 1:1

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