Our team of Spectra Lighting experts will help you realize your lighting concept from the initial design sketch, production, installation and commissioning.

We provide comprehensive assistance, professional support, innovative solutions, attention to detail and precise execution.

We are able to meet all design requirements, based on the experience of hundreds of projects developed by our team around the world.

Spectra Lighting is a brand specializing in providing a lighting product tailored to the individual needs of customers, the market, and the specifics of each organization. 

Different beam angles, starting from 11°
Acoustic panels
Montaż do szynoprzewodu
Optyka Darklight

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By entrusting us with your expectations in terms of perfect lighting, we ensure that we are able to develop individual solutions that will be tailored to the specific architectural and aesthetic needs of your original and unique project.

Start your personalized project with Spectra Bespoke.

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