Photometric laboratory

Our own photometric laboratory, which in based in Załuski plant, equipped with a multi-functional spectrometer and photogoniometer. These devices make it possible to take measurements:

- color temperature (CCT)

- general color rendering index (CRI)

- detailed color rendering indexes (R1-R15)

- spectral distribution

- luminous intensity distribution

- luminous flux

- luminous efficacy

- flicker parameters (flicker index, percent flicker, frequency, SVM)

The measurements and reports support in the development and quality assurance of luminaires, and to provide architects and lighting designers with reliable planning data.

Technical laboratory

We are able to create prototypes of new constructions on a 3D printer in a technical laboratory. The place where our designers team modifies, tests and improves the lighting fixtures that the customer receives a product that meets his expectations.

The focus of the laboratory is to carry out thermal measurements. We use for this purpose:

- high sensitivity thermocouples

- thermal imaging camera

- environmental chamber

In this way, we control the temperature of LED modules and power supplies during their operation, eliminate places where the luminaire heats up the most, and test resistance to weather conditions to ensure trouble-free operation of our devices and safety of their use.